Boom, Blast, Colors!

Tomorrow I leave for Newport, RI for a week.  Geez it seems like this time last year when all of us were online talking before the CP waiting eagerly for it to arrive. Amazing how fast time goes by. And sad too. I miss last year with a passion. I miss late night web cam chats with Lindsay.  I miss pictionary with big arrows.  I miss pre CP living. Sigh


Oh well time to go finish packing!! Hope everyone has an awesome 4th of July and I will try to see if I can get online to post on here at least once next week. If not, enjoy the fireworks! Esp those at Disney World!!

               HAVE A HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!!!!!!!!
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Check This Out

If you totally got 20 min to spare, you HAVE to check this video out.


There are actually 8 episodes.  This is #1, on the side bar you will find the others.  Make me totally jealous that I wish I video taped my time down there to do this. But def worth watching if ya missing Disney like me...

p.s. - this happened while we were on the CP but didn't see anyone I knew...you might though.
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In Honor Of...

Last Friday night, my dad's soccer team held a benefit for my father to honor him.  This event was all over Massapequa and everyone knew about it and was attending.  They were going to raise money for my sister to save for her college fund for the years that come.  Anways, I wanted to attend, but didn't want to go alone.  My mom thought it was too soon and especially seeing everyone there would be very hard for her to deal.  From what we heard, tons of people came, told stories about my father, and just had a good time all around.  The following was a letter that was left on all the tables for people to read.  My friend Jody took one for me and it was just so good to read about the time that I couldn't spend with my father because I was off at Disney World.  Like Jody told me tonight, reading it really shows me that I didn't understand how seriously ill he was while I was down there.  Its so hard to choose if it was right for me to of stayed down there through all this.  But deep down I don't think I have that many regrets.  I just miss my dad.  

Anways, I REALLY wanted to post this letter because it is just really amazing and touching to see how many people care for you and you will never really realize it until your gone.  Take a look if you like.

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Why, There's Nothing We Can't Do.

Two quickies --

Last night I took my sister and two cousins to the movies to go check out Meet The Robinsons.  And wow, I was amazed how good it turned out to be.  Of course everyone loves the commericals with the caffine patch and the dinosaur with tiny arms, but the ending was perfect.  It was one of those come together and learn your lesson moments.  Plus seeing it in 3D was kick ass cool.  We saw Chicken Little in 3D many moons ago, but I forgot how much it was.  The whole time you had people jumping out of the way from things that felt they were flying around.  You can totally tell they did NOT see Mickey's Philharmagic hundreds of times like some people.

Second, I found this video, and I loved it.  It does the whole Year of a Million Dreams blah blah but the fact they put classic Disney characters in it is totally a plus.  Give it a try:


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This Being On All Day Is Great!

This is so depressing.  Right now Lindsay and I are watching the Disney World marathon on travel channel.  And like Lindsay said, it feel like a sharp knife going deeper and deeper.  Oh how I miss being down there so much.  One thing that I keep thinking of is how there was so much to do and that I didn’t do any of it.  Like just now they showed Tom Sawyer Island and Country Bears.  But then again they just showed Whispering Canyon and the campfire at Fort Wilderness.  A lot of people say to don’t take being down there for granted, and to tell you the truth I don’t think I did.  I have the pictures and stories to show it.


One thing I think is that being down there, time goes so fast that you don’t realize how fast time is passing.  (Ahh Hoop Dee Doo is on loved that show! I loved when they had dessert with the strawberry shortcake song!!)  Yeah but like I was saying time does go by so quick and to me, I think you just realize that you lived in Disney World is when you leave and wish you could be back there for 5 more months.  Hell even just one more month I would do anything.  Live for the moment and don’t take things granted I guess.



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I Don't Know Which One Is Better

What a day! Yes it was indeed a crazy day.  It was the day of my interview at East Lake.  Basically I freaked out the whole morning about what to answer with so many questions possible.  As sad as it is, I actually wrote myself a little cheat cheat to study in the car because I kept forgetting everything I wanted to respond with.  But oh man, things couldn’t have gone better!


I went in expecting some stuff.  Mainly because the principal was my 4th grade teacher, and also it was the same school I student taught last year.  As I walked in the office, he asked me how the family was doing and that he was sorry about my father.  Apparently all of Massapequa knows of this.  Anways, he wanted to steer away from the negative, so he asked what I have been doing lately.  Of course, what comes out of my mouth – DISNEY!  He laughed and said he saw that and said it was great I got to do that and live my dream.  From there on it got even better.


He then said that he knew I was looking for a sub position.  But the thing was his school was in dire need of a permanent sub, and my application couldn’t of come at a better time.  I was just in awe at the offer that was presented to me.  He knew who I was being a former student and knows of my teaching methods and really would like me in his staff.  Of course I accepted it and yeah I start on wed. Crap that’s a day away!


To make things even better, I come home and my friend Garry from Disney goes and sends me some files.  Not just files, the official Dream Along With Mickey show songs!! Yeah so me being me, I totally put it on my ipod the first second I had and just went driving around with it blasting with the windows down with people staring.  That’s right biotch you wish you could of seen this show at WDW!


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Twice the Fun

Two big quickies for the night:

One, I finally got a new cell phone wahoo.  I am in love with my new Razr v3 oh baby oh baby.  But that does mean I got a new cell number, so I will email you all with it tomorrow!

Second, today before going out to buy my cell, I got a phone call from the Massapequa School District.  They wanted to know if I could meet with Mr. McKillop on Monday morning about my sub position.  Holy swiss cheese Batman! Yeah I freaked out a bit about this.  Mainly because Mr. McKillop was my 4th grade teacher way back when, he turned principal of this school, and I student taught at that school last year!  Basically now I am sleeping with teaching guide books so that the knowledge pours into me before Monday! As for now, time for TGI Fridays and drinks! Wahoo.
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Took Long Enough

Evil I swear.  How many times I want to update this thing and just say ok whatever tomorrow. Well I have 7 minutes until 9pm and dammit I will update right now!


Now that I have established that, what do I write?  Lets see I said  was gonna write about meeting Wendy with Lauren and how Christine got engaged.  But now that’s old news.  Hmm how about one of those 2 minute before a new show recap?  We last left off:


Lauren and I met at Penn, took 5 minutes on the phone trying to find each other in the train station and then we went to NYC WOD where we were the craziest people on line waiting for Wendy and Tink with Lindsay on the phone telling us to share every Wendy moment she had with the real Wendy. Then I call Christine the next day and find out that while in WDW that same weekend, her boyfriend proposed to her in front of the castle and now they are moving into an apartment together.


Yeah, that was a quickie.  What’s new in my life now you ask?  Not much.  I finally got fingerprinted last week and on the same day finally submitted my application to the school.  I am really excited to hear something back from them.  One of my fav parts though of the application was filling out the whole working for Walt Disney Company section.  Those two lines they gave me were surely not enough to write about my 5 month experience.  Maybe that’s why I had to redo the application two times.


Last week my bro also came home for the break(spring break).  Yeah I am not gonna like the summer at all, I know it already.  Having him back in the room totally sucked trying to watch movies till 3am and talking on the phone all night.  Hmm if I place his bed in the attic, think he will notice?


And I got 1 minute left, so I fig I post on my return to Florida soon.  Its still in the works, but I am talking to Jody and her friend who I know wants to come down too, so Jody suggested to give us her timeshare for the week for free and her friend would rent the car.  Basically I would pay for food and plane that’s it.  And esp since it’s the timeshare next to Vista, I am close to everyone.  Except Lindsay who lives in Universal territory.  Blah.



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Green All Over

Its just horrible, I update this thing with things that I do not need to.  And other stuff like all of last week I have yet to mention.  Bring on the lashes.

Listening to an online Disney radio station now its Pirates Ride Through – We Want the Red Head!! Ah how I miss that.

Anyways what I wanted to write about is St Patrick’s Day!! 
Happy to all who are Irish or pretending for the day! 

So today I decided while mom was at work, that I would cook our fake Irish dinner.  You know the whole corn beef, soda bread, and cabbage.  My sister figured it would be fun for her to make a sign to hang up so I said shoot for it.  Later on I got this crazy idea, emphasizing crazy, to make lemonade and put green food coloring in it to be festive.  If you couldn’t tell, I am one of those future teachers who dress up for EVERY holiday.  How could you not.

Back to my story.  So while making the soda bread I told my sis to make the lemonade.  Then I showed her where the food coloring was.  She opened the tube and we made it.  Well it came out nasty, but the best part came after.  Later on my sister came back to me freaking out.  She must have gotten the food coloring on her hand and it dyed it.  But she didn’t know that.  After she kept asking me how she got it on her hands, with the help of The Office(I know Megan you will like this) I told her she must of killed a Leprechaun. And that the blood must of stained her hands.  Of course she freaked out and started to scream because it wouldn’t come off in the water.  I told her now she is cursed forever and they will attack her at night.  Some will call this horrible, but when you have been cooking all afternoon, it was just the perfect comic relief needed.

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